tmNinja project

tmNinja is an time-controlling, ninja-flipping, action packed adventure game currently in design and to be implemented by Austin "thoughtpolice" Seipp and Colin "tonto" Diesh. It will include networking and online game support and (hopefully) support map editing, along with texture/sound skinning. Also, it will include plenty of jingle and jangling for your never-ending pleasure

Overview of the project

Currently, tmNinja is still in the design phase, although several important decisions have been made. Here are a few of those:

As you can tell from the above, tmNinja will most undoubtly go down in history as the best game ever made, ever!
Okay, so maybe not, but we can always be optimistic, right?

Be sure to watch this space later, for formal presentations and documentation of the tmNinja project, along with code publications and a viewable SVN repository.

We now have a preliminary writeup of the specifications for tmNinja. You can view the writeup here.

Help out

Currently, all of the programming for tmNinja will be handled by Colin and Austin; however, we need:

Graphics Designers: We're in need of sprite-based artists who would be willing to help out make the art for the game. Anybody interested would be appreciated, as our crappy programmer art is not the best

Website maintainer:
Although we most certainly could do this ourselves, anybody willing to help out with the maintenance of the website for tmNinja -- web space, a domain name, coding, anything -- would be greatly appreciated.

Interested? Drop us a line.

Finally, if you're simply interested in the development of tmNinja, feel free to drop us a line concerning the development of the project and features implemented. This is the best possible time for your opinions and ideas to be potentially implemented in the game, although at this time they will most likely be under very very hard scrutinization by the developers. Above all, remember: we won't bite (Colin might.)

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